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Arizona- Day One


Josh and I had a great flight to Arizona on Thursday and today we just hung out and explored the city. We happened upon a cool little Ghost Town called Goldfield. It was fun! Josh decided that he wanted to do a tour of the mines and it probably was the scariest thing ever. As soon as we walk in, a bat flies toward my head and I dropped to my knees screaming. I was so embarrassed. Everyone on the tour was laughing at me. But seriously, what on earth would you do if you had a bat darting toward your head???? Then we took this “wooden box”, that was an elevator that took you 400 feet below the ground. It was creepy, but we came out alive!! :) Anyways, Arizona is awesome besides it getting to about 113 degrees in the afternoon. Talk about HOT! We are so excited to shoot a wedding tomorrow and hopefully will be able to post some more images from our trip soon :) Enjoy my friends !!

Out Of Town Notice


Hi Friends! Josh and I will been traveling until the 25th of July. We are shooting a wedding in Arizona and then going to California for a few days. We will be returning all emails and phone calls when we get back :) We may not have internet but will try to check our messages every few days! Thanks so much and we will see you when we get back to Florida! xoxoxo

Ashley and Matt | The Day After


The day after Ashley and Matt’s incredible wedding, we headed out to Aly’s and Rosemary Beach to do their Day After Session. I absolutely love when clients opt to do this. It gives an extra opportunity to get fabulous photos of the bride and groom :) Ashley and Matt are one of a kind and Josh and I felt so honored to capture them. Ashley actually cut off her beautiful locks the day after this session to donate it to Locks of Love. How awesome is that? It shows what a beautiful person she is inside and out! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their Day After Session!!