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I am so in love and so happy that my sweet princess, ChloƩ is here! She is such an angel and has made our world so happy and so much more beautiful. This past week has been the most amazing week of my life and I am so excited to finally have her in my arms! Enjoy the pictures of our sweet love! XOXO

Mississippi Magazine // Featured


You all remember Chenoa and Josh’s fabulous Seaside Wedding….. well it was featured in a Mississippi Magazine this year! How awesome is that? Their wedding was one of my favorites and I was super excited for Chenoa when I found out they wanted to feature her wedding! Not just a feature, a 6 page feature! You go girl!! :) Check out some of the pics from the magazine!

Mitra and Ankur | Seaside, FL


Mitra and Ankur recently got married in India, but I have the privilege of photographing their American wedding in May! I am so very excited. Mitra told me all about what the girls were wearing and the details of their wedding… all I can say is, it’s going to be colorful and fabulous!! Check out some of my favorites from their session! Enjoy!