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PhotoVision 2011


Photographers, if you haven’t already you need to sign up for PhotoVision. Every other month you receive a 3-hour DVD showing the industry’s leading photographers in their actual working environments. It has been fantastic so far!

If you click here and put in the code PVFAN you can save $150 and get PhotoVision 2011 for only $49 bucks!! That is a steal! :) If you have any questions about it please let me know :) Happy Thursday!

{Baby on the way} | Watercolor, FL


HELLO WORLD! Wow, has it really been since Christmas that I last blogged??  Truth is, I have been so busy with renovating the new house, Chloé’s first birthday, moving, and getting ready to launch the new website … I have not had any time to blog, but that is definitely going to change. I have lots of things to share with you, and honestly, I just need a place where I can not only share my work but also share all the exciting things going on in our life. So get ready internet…things are about to change!

So we will start with one of my favorite clients and friends, Jami and Hunter! You may remember them from their wedding this past July ( which you can look at here) and their recent feature in Emerald Coast Magazine ( which you can check out by visiting this link). They are excpecting a sweet baby girl which they have named Emery Lynn. She should be arriving in a few weeks. I am so excited for them. I will be taking some pictures of the princess when she arrives so I will be sure to share.